Sun Dolphin Kayaks are very popular but they are not for everyone. They are generally very good for beginners of all ages. They are also good for people that are seeking a lightweight and value for money kayak but with that balance there is always a compromise to be made. One of the ways that Sun Dolphin are able to achieve this is by making their kayaks a little thinner than some of the other manufacturer models. Less material means less cost and less weight. For many people this will not be a problem but for people that play rougher another manufacturer may be a better choice, albeit a more expensive one.

Aruba 10 Foot Sit-In – Overall Best Sit-In Kayak

Aruba 10 Foot Sit-In
The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10′ Sit In Kayak, is a great kayak for the water enthusiast. It has a tough polyethylene hull and features a deluxe adjustable seat with high back support and adjustable foot braces. There are carrying handles for easier portage and a convenient storage hatch and water bottle holder.

Pros: Great all-round kayak, great for lakes and rivers
Cons: Paddles and covers sold separately

Length10' / 305cm
Width30" / 76cm
Height13" / 33cm
Weight40 lbs. / 18kg
Capacity250 lbs. / 113kg

Bali 13.5 Foot Tandem Sit-On – Best Tandem Kayak

Bali 13.5 Foot Tandem Sit-On
With a middle seat location this all-round kayak is suitable for 1-3 people. It self bails out excess water making it perfect for the open-ocean, lakes and rivers. It’s very well designed and includes adjustable padded seats with high backrests, adjustable foot braces, paddle holders and storage compartments and hatches.

Pros: Suitable for 1-3 people
Cons: Paddles sold separately

Length13 1/2' / 412cm
Width34" / 86cm
Height17" / 43cm
Weight70 lbs. / 32kg
Capacity500 lbs. / 227kg

Bali 6 Foot Sit-On – Best Kids Kayak

Bali 6 Foot Sit-On
This is a great kayak for the kids. It’s easy to get in and out and even has a swimming platform on the back. It’s very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and it self bails water for safety. Designed for kids it tracks paddles easily while offering good stability.

Pros: Great for kids, lightweight, paddles included
Cons: Adults may outgrow it quickly, not for tall people

Length6' / 183cm
Width24" / 61cm
Height8" / 20cm
Weight30 lbs. / 14kg
Capacity140 lbs. / 64kg

Camino SS 8 Foot Sit-On – Best Beginner Kayak

Camino SS 8 Foot Sit-On
The Camino 8 SS kayak features a square stern for maximum stability and a large open cockpit for easy entry and exit. It comes with an adjustable, padded seat with high backrest and graduated foot wells to suit paddlers of many different sizes. It also has storage compartments and is self bailing.

Pros: Stability, Great for begineers
Cons: Paddles sold separately

Length8' / 244cm
Width30" / 76cm
Height17" / 43cm
Weight40 lbs. / 32kg
Capacity225 lbs. / 102kg

Excursion 10 Foot – Best Sit-In Fishing Kayak

Excursion 10 Foot
This is a good kayak for anyone wanting to strike a good balance between fishing and normal kayaking. It’s a lightweight, easy to manoeuvre kayak suitable for lakes and rivers. You will find two flush rod holders at the rear for when you’re paddling and need them out of the way and a swivel rod holder at the front for when you drop your line in. it has a large open cockpit with adjustable padded seat, protective thigh pads and adjustable foot braces. Behind the seat is a storage compartment for tackle, bait and anything else that you want to store away.

Pros: Good beginners kayak, thigh protector
Cons: Paddles sold separately, compartment is behind you

Length10' / 305cm
Width30" / 76cm
Height13" / 33cm
Weight41 lbs. / 19kg
Capacity250 lbs. / 113kg

Journey SS 12 Foot – Best Sit-On Fishing Kayak

Journey SS 12 Foot
This kayak has plenty of space and being a sit-on it is easy to enter and exit the kayak. It’s lightweight for it size and is a great choice for lake and river kayaking. The storage compartment doubles as a portable accessory carrier (PAC) which can be towed behind the kayak while freeing up more space on-board. You will find two flush rod holders at the rear for when you’re paddling and need them out of the way and a swivel rod holder at the front for when you drop your line in. A large seating area with protective padding for your thighs makes this a kayak worthy of your consideration.

Pros: Lightweight for size, suitable for tall and heavier people
Cons: Paddles not included

Length12' / 366cm
Width29 1/2" / 75cm
Height13 1/2" / 34cm
Weight48 lbs. / 22kg
Capacity395 lbs. / 179kg
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