There are all sorts of questions about facial cleansing brushes floating around on the internet today: how do they work? Are they good for my skin? Can they help me with my acne or wrinkles? Finding the answers to those questions can take a lot of time and research, and there are so many models out there that makes finding the right brush can seem all-but-impossible.

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We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to. We are going to help you find the perfect facial cleansing brush for your specific needs. This guide will detail all that there is to know about these fantastic tools, including accurate explanations for how the brushes work, tips and tricks, and top picks for niche or individual skin-care routines. With our help, you can have healthier, younger-looking skin no matter your age or skin type. Let’s discuss the different kinds of facial cleansing brushes and explain what makes a great brush.

Take a Look at All of These Amazing Facial Cleansing Brushes

Not all facial cleansing brushes are the same. Many are specialized for specific skin-care routines or are designed for a specific kind of skin sensitivity. For instance, there are brushes that are best for sensitive, oily, or mature skin, along with many other variations and special features. We’ll go through them all and see what each model offers to ensure that you’ll find the best brush for your skin.

Here’s the summary of the best facial cleansing brushes on the market. As you can see, they each have several key points that make them excellent choices.

Utilyze Premium 3-speed Facial Cleansing Brush
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Utilyze Premium 3-speed Facial Cleansing Brush - V1 Aug$$
Foreo Luna 2 Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush
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Foreo Luna 2 Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush - V1 Aug$$$
Liberex Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush
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Liberex Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush - V1 Aug$$
Olay ProX Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush System
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Olay ProX Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush System - V1 Aug$$
3-in-1 Electric Rotating Facial Cleansing Brush
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3-in-1 Electric Rotating Facial Cleansing Brush - V1 Aug$$
Foreo Luna Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush
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Foreo Luna Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush - V1 Aug
Solo Mio for Him Facial Cleansing Brush
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Solo Mio for Him Facial Cleansing Brush - V1 Aug$$
Foreo Luna Play Plus Facial Cleansing Brush
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Foreo Luna Play Plus Facial Cleansing Brush - V1 Aug$$
Etereauty Facial Cleansing Brush
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Etereauty Facial Cleansing Brush - V1 Aug$$
Lavo Facial Cleansing Brush
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Lavo Facial Cleansing Brush - V1 Aug$$

Facial Cleansing Brush – Buying Guide

What Is a Facial Cleansing Brush?

Facial Cleansing Brush

Before we get too deeply into the individual products, we need to make sure that the definition of a facial cleansing brush is clear. You might think that any brush you can take to the skin of your face qualifies, but that’s not true. Facial cleansing brushes are a specific kind of beauty product that are designed to wash, massage, and/or exfoliate your facial skin to clean your pores and stimulate blood flow to the surface. They’re handheld and generally shaped like brushes, but their heads are powered via a battery to deliver small, repetitive motions that wash and massage your skin.

How do they work? Facial cleansing brushes come in two basic types, although these types can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The first are brushes that work with mechanical motion to spin bristles the same way an electric toothbrush operates. The friction from the bristles digs deep into the pores of your skin to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and oil. Much of the time, brushes with long, hard bristles and focused motion are used for harder, deeper cleaning rather than the gentler massages offered by the second type of brush.

This second type uses sonic vibrations to more gently clean your face. This is often compared to a massage of your skin, as it’s meant to both cleanse and rejuvenate. Many of the vibration-focused brushes we’re going to look at are hand-held to afford you total control over the pressure and speed of the cleansing motion. In general, sonic brushes feel better to the skin than brushes which use concentrated, repetitive motion. People with sensitive skin are going to want to target a brush with sonic cleansing tech.

Facial cleansing brushes can often come with multiple heads for different kinds of cleaning. There will be heads, for instance, with harder, sharper bristles designed for deep cleaning or softer, gentler bristles to exfoliate the skin and give it a fresh glow. These heads will eventually bend and wear out like the bristles of any cleaning implement, so anyone considering purchasing a facial cleansing brush should keep in mind the lifetime cost of the product. In general, though, facial cleansing brush heads which are used daily last for 2-4 months, with many dermatologists recommending replacement brush heads be obtained around the 3-month mark. Of course, if you use brush heads less frequently, they will last much longer. Still, 3 months is a good general benchmark for replacement heads.

Many, if not most, facial cleansing brushes are powered with lithium batteries, which are long-lasting and rechargeable either via a cord or a charging stand. A few brushes are powered by replaceable batteries in the AA or AAA size categories. Disposable batteries are usually considered a drawback rather than a perk due to their continual cost, although we do have one brush in particular where this is a surprise boon. Check out our detailed reviews below to find out more.

As for shape? Facial cleansing brushes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are hand-held and shaped like eggs, while others are molded to fit into the shape of your hand. Still, others look like traditional cleaning brushes, with a handle and angled brush head to allow for maximum pressure and deep-cleaning power. Many facial cleansing brushes are either waterproof or water-resistant so that you can use them in the shower or a wet bathroom.

Overall, facial cleansing brushes are valuable additions to a skin-care routine that should be a mainstay tool for anyone looking to take good care of their facial skin. They enhance, invigorate, and rejuvenate skin beyond the results of cleansing routines without them. We’ll get into the benefits of using these beauty products next.

Are Face Cleansing Brushes Good for My Skin?

Are Face Cleansing Brushes Better for Our Skin

Long story short: they’re great for your skin so long as you don’t over-use them. Facial cleansing brushes both wash and massage the skin on your face, either by deep-cleaning the pores that are often filled with dirt or by stimulating blood flow to the surface. Let’s get into the exact benefits of the effects.

For starters, those who haven’t used facial cleansing brushes in the past may notice that their face suddenly flares with pimples or mild acne. This isn’t a reason to worry, as it’s only temporary. Think of it as a detox for your skin. You see, facial cleansing brushes use electric motion or sonic vibrations to deeply cleanse your skin’s pores. Everyone’s pores become dirty; debris, pollutants, and makeup in the air clogs your pores as the day progresses and prevents dead skin from sloughing off as it naturally would.

Facial cleansing brushes’ chief benefit is the enhancement of your natural skin color, the smoothing of lines and wrinkles, and the removal of oil and acne from your face. They do this by removing dirt or dead skin from your pores to open them up to the air. This both cleans the face and allows the skin on your face to resume its natural processes, such as the generation of a healthy level of facial oil and the creation of new, fresh skin cells.

Facial cleansing brushes also assist with something called, “exfoliation”. This sounds scientific, but it’s actually quite simple: it’s the removal of the layer of dead skin cells from the surface, allowing new skin to take its place. This cleaning process is a mainstay of almost all cleaning routines of the skin. The face is no exception. Exfoliation should take place once or twice per week to accommodate the gradual, natural accumulation of dead skin without sloughing off fresh, healthy skin that has been created underneath it. By exfoliating, your face will appear younger and healthier than before.

By using these brushes, you open your pores and help to get rid of that dead skin much more efficiently than your body normally manages. In the beginning, this can cause an outbreak of acne, as your face becomes irritated and sensitive and the dead skin you’re scrubbing off can clog those opening pores. But over time, as you maintain the cleaning routine, your pores will eventually become cleaner than before and you’ll be much less likely to suffer outbreaks or irritation.

Additionally, skin with all of that debris removed is naturally going to look younger and healthier. This isn’t a one-time benefit, either. By deep-cleaning the skin in this way, you allow it to maintain a youthful, healthy complexion as it regenerates and rebuilds from the damage it sustains every day. The sources of these damages are everywhere, including makeup products, air quality, and even the sun. The positive effect of facial cleansing brushes is cumulative, meaning that the more you use them, the better your skin will look and feel, for longer.

Facial cleansing brushes also perform a massage-like service to the skin on your face. This gentle rubbing motion encourages blood to come nearer to the surface. People who use these brushes often have skin that seems to “glow”: this is the cause of that effect. The sharper blood flow improves color to give the face a younger, healthier shine. This can assist with aging skin as well, making wrinkles appear less intense than usual.

Things You Should Look for in a Facial Cleansing Brush

Multiple Settings for Versatile Cleaning or Single Setting for Specific Cleaning

The first thing to check for when selecting a new facial cleansing brush is the number of settings it contains. Settings, in this circumstance, refers to the speeds or power variables that a brush can be switched to; many brushes have switches between settings like, “Low Power” or “Sensitive”, and “High Power” or “Deep-Clean”. These are important because, as we previously established, different settings of pressure, speed or depth of cleanse all serve different purposes in rejuvenating your skin.

Facial-cleansing brushes with only one setting or mode are specialized; they’re designed to clean or exfoliate your skin in a certain way to promote one or two of the benefits discussed above. For instance, if a brush is only good for sensitive skin and only works with sonic vibration tech, it’s not going to do much work in the deep-cleaning department. But if you’re in the market for a brush that will give your skin a glow and do a little cleaning on the go, a sonic brush might be perfect for you.

If you are looking for a facial cleansing brush that works on all of the skin types we discussed, it needs multi-setting functionality. Such a brush needs either settings or brush heads that can handle deeper cleaning as well as more sensitive motions. Thankfully, many brushes are all-rounders that are suitable for different uses and skin types.

Singular or Multiple Brush Heads

Multiple Facial Cleansing Brush Heads

Most facial cleansing brushes come with at least two brush heads, although a few only have one. This is a feature to look for because some brush heads are shaped for specific purposes, much like the setting discussed above.

For instance, if you’re seeking a brush that’s going to deep-cleanse your face, you want to make sure that it has a brush head with short, rigid bristles to dig into your pores and get as much dirt out as possible; however, this brush also needs to have a gentler brush head for massaging the skin afterward, restoring some glow and vigor to your appearance and soothing the irritation that is commonly-felt after a deeper skin-care routine.

Having multiple brush heads allows you to experience a full facial cleansing ritual with one device (and without the expense of going to the spa!). If this is at all something that you’re interested in, check out facial cleansing brushes that have between 2 and four brush heads, as these can cover a multitude of skin care routines.

On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a brush that only needs to do one specific task or help with one skin-care objective, facial cleansing brushes with only one head will likely be enough for you.

Waterproof Functionality

This is a relatively easy thing to check for, as most facial cleansing brushes possess either waterproofing or water-resistant design. Still, make sure that a brush you’ve got your eye on has one of these attributes if you plan to use it in the shower.

When it comes to deep-cleansing, using the brush in the shower or bath is the preferred method. This is because when exposed to hot water and steam, the pores of the skin naturally open to allow excess body heat to escape. This makes cleaning and exfoliating much easier and more effective than if the pores are closed, such as when the skin is cold.

Water-resistance allows you to take your brush right into the shower with you and clean your face under the most favorable conditions. If you’re not able to do this, for whatever reason, water-resistance is still a good feature to check for. Bathrooms are wet regardless, and a brush failing because it became too wet would be a shame.

Waterproof, on the other hand, indicates that the brush can be entirely submerged in water and still function. This is a great feature to look for if you enjoy taking baths; if you’ve got a waterproof brush, you can even perform your facial cleansing routine while soaking in the tub.

Facial cleansing brushes which are neither waterproof nor water-resistant should not be exposed to water if possible. That they cannot stand up to water indicates that their inner electronics are vulnerable to water damage.

However, if you plan on primarily using a massaging cleansing brush with cleanser outside the shower, this feature is, of course, less necessary. In addition, you can always use a cleanser brush that’s not water-resistant and use a hot, damp washcloth on your face beforehand. This keeps the benefit of open pores for deeper cleansing while not risking harm to the facial cleansing brush.

Rechargeable or Battery-operated

Battery-operated Facial Cleansing Brush

There are some facial cleaning brushes that rely totally on the strength of your hand and the pressure you can apply. However, these brushes don’t have the same value that mechanical brushes offer. The brushes that we recommend get their power from rechargeable lithium batteries or disposable ones.

The reason for this feature’s importance is the consistent pressure that machine brushing provides. Your hand or arm can become tired or move in uneven patterns. With a rotating, motorized brush head, it’s much easier to maintain a lengthy, several-minute-long cleansing ritual in even motions without having to apply pressure yourself. Keep the brush motorized in some form and your skin will be the better for it.

Excellent User Reviews

Finally, while we have meticulously researched and investigated each of these brushes to determine their ultimate utility, reviews are another source of valuable information that should be considered when you’re looking for your perfect facial cleansing brush. For example, each of the models we’ve reviewed has excellent user feedback. This is one of the best methods for determining a product’s usefulness and reliability, and facial cleansing brushes are no exception.

People who have bought and used a product in the past will often have detailed or specific critique or advice on that particular product. This may assist you in determining if a product is truly right for your personal needs or if you should buy something else.

The Best Facial Cleansing Brush Reviews – Top Rated Models of 2019

1. Utilyze Premium 3-speed Facial Cleansing Brush – Best Overall

Utilyze Premium 3-speed Facial Cleansing Brush

After looking through dozens of exceptional products, we’ve found the best brush for pretty much all skin types and care routines. It is a multi-purpose brush that is suitable for almost anyone. It does not just cater to one skin type or condition, nor is it marketed to men or women specifically. While we have other brushes dedicated to more targeted cleansing objectives, the UTILYZE Premium 3-Speed Facial Cleansing Brush is the best brush for everyday use for the majority of people. Although not as well known a name in the marketplace as Clarisonic or FOREO, UTILYZE has brought an excellent brush to the market that we’re thrilled to share with you today.

This brush has a number of interesting specifications right off the bat. It boasts three different settings for varying sensitivities. The brush is sonic-powered, which means that the differences in motion and sensation are deeply-felt and not just a change in the speed of the brush head. These settings are intended for three separate intensities: one for deep-cleaning of pores, another for all-purpose cleansing, and a third for more sensitive skin.

The UTILYZE brush comes with 2 brush heads out of the box: an all-purpose head and a massager for making the skin glow after the cleansing routine. What’s fantastic about this brush is that while you’ll notice that many facial cleansing brushes come with specialized brush heads to enact certain routines or target specific goals, the UTILYZE 3-Speed brush only needs the two in the box. The first all-purpose brush truly lives up to its name; it’s able to handle the harder cleaning of deeper pores and treat the skin softly and gently afterward.

The all-purpose brush head is designed to fulfill all the roles most people could need, switching whenever the user changes the intensity setting. This is excellent, user-friendly design, as you won’t need to keep switching brush heads to complete a full skin-care routine. Instead, one brush head does all the work; the only effort is in flipping a setting switch as each milestone is reached.

The massage head is a great additional brush head that’s useful for brightening the skin on your face and relaxing the muscles once the cleansing routine is complete. Keep in mind this head isn’t used for cleaning like the all-purpose brush; instead, use this massage head with the sensitive setting for a relaxing cap to the experience.

This brush’s head can move at a maximum of 300 sonic motions per second on its highest setting. This allows the brush head to dig in thoroughly and clean and exfoliate pores efficiently while still completing the routine quickly. Don’t be alarmed, though; when you switch to lower settings, such as the all-purpose or sensitive skin settings, the brush head moves much more gently.

The UTILYZE Premium 3-Setting brush is also water-resistant, so you can use it in the shower to maximize deep-cleaning capability.

The handle is compact and well-designed. Illuminated words indicate which setting you’re currently on and the brush buttons are placed well away from where you’d normally hold the device in the midst of a cleansing routine. This is a great design to maintain clarity when selecting the right intensity for your daily cleanse, especially if you normally wear glasses.

Furthermore, this brush comes pre-programmed with two skin-care routines. If you’re new to facial cleansing and don’t have a solid routine down yet, these two pre-programmed routines are a great place to start. Of course, should you already have the right timing and sequence for your routine, you don’t need to use these settings to fully enjoy the brush. Finally, the UTILIZE Premium 3-Setting brush quickly recharges via USB and comes with a magnetic stand for easy, stylish storage on the bathroom counter.

Altogether, this is one of the most versatile facial cleansing brushes on the market. The lifetime value from having the extensive setting options and the quality of the brush’s construction mean that one could use only this brush for many years, even as individual needs or skin-care requirements change due to age or circumstance. Since it’s great at taking care of just about every skin type, most people will never need another brush again.

This is a product to be used for a long time without an over-focus on any one kind of facial cleaning, which is why it’s the best facial cleansing brush overall. On the other hand, should you ever desire more specific brush heads and want to really specialize your skin-care, but don’t want to buy another product, UTILYZE offers more focused brush heads for things like acne-prone or oily skin. These are extra features, not necessary to enjoy the UTILYZE brush in its entirety, but it’s great to know the option is there should you ever desire a more specific brush.


  • Multiple Intensity Settings
  • USB Charging and Magnetic Stand
  • Sonic-Powered Brush for Gentler Cleaning
  • Pre-Programmed Skin-Care Routines
  • Water-Resistant


  • Somewhat Pricey

Utilyze Premium 3-speed Facial Cleansing Brush – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. Foreo Luna 2 Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush – for Sensitive Skin

Foreo Luna 2 Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush

FOREO is a company that’s been in the beauty business for some time. In fact, the Luna line of cleansing brushes has become a mainstay in the market, so it’s no surprise that some of their offerings have found their way to the top of the list. The FOREO Luna 2 Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush is a small, compact model that’s hand-held and similar to many of their other products. If you’ve used Lunas before, you’ll love this brush.

The Luna 2 is designed for sensitive skin, which makes it our pick for those seeking a brush that can clean as well as soothe. Its silicone surface minimizes abrasion but is tough enough to massage and clean the pores of the skin as it’s rubbed over the face. The Luna 2 operates on sonic power, vibrating at many times per second in a gentle, humming fashion. Because the Luna 2 cleans with a textured, silicone surface instead of hard bristles, sensitive skin can still be cleansed but won’t be irritated.

All it requires from the user is small circles rubbed over the skin for two minutes. In those two minutes, the Luna 2 cleans, exfoliates, and rejuvenates the skin by stimulating blood flow, giving one’s skin both a healthy glow free from dirt and debris and youthful color.

The Luna 2 has eight different intensity settings, too. This is a good feature for those who want to use the Luna twice a day or as their skin toughens up and they find that they can handle a higher-intensity cleanse, but don’t want to have to purchase another brush altogether.

This brush isn’t water-resistant, however, so taking it into the shower isn’t recommended. Instead, keep it near the sink and apply a cleanser cream beforehand, then perform the brush’s routine with a mostly-dry environment. This isn’t an ideal brush for deep-cleansing in the shower, but those with more sensitive skin won’t be looking to deep clean, anyway.


  • Easy, Hand-Held Use
  • Silicone Surface is Very Gentle
  • Sonic Cleansing is Very Gentle
  • 8 Intensity Settings
  • USB-Rechargeable


  • Not Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Foreo Luna 2 Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush – Check Current Prices On Amazon

3. Liberex Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush – for Oily Skin

Liberex Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

What if your skin is constantly oily, and you’re having trouble achieving a healthy balance? The Liberex Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush is our pick for oily skin because of its long bristles and unique egg-shape, which helps with applying the correct pressure necessary to deep-cleanse one’s pores.

The egg shape is really the focal point of this brush. You grip it with your fingers or nestle it into your palm and its small size allows you to scrub your skin well, digging the sonic-vibrating bristles into your pores. There are two brush heads with this brush, one for deep-cleansing and another for exfoliating. Despite all of this discussion about digging bristles in, the Liberex is actually quite gentle for all the work it performs. The sonic vibrations are designed to minimize discomfort.

This deep-cleaning potential is good for treating oily skin because such oils are naturally produced by the skin when there’s an excess of dirt or debris in the pores. Oil can never be truly removed, nor should it be; it’s a healthy part of a normal face’s skin environment. But excess oil can be tempered by maintaining very clean pores, so getting in and removing as much dirt as possible is the priority when trying to solve the problem of oily skin.

To that end, this brush is waterproof, which makes it fantastic for use in the shower or bathtub when the pores are most open under a stream of hot water. It’s programmed with three speed settings, which you can select depending on the intensity desired. More impressively, a smart timer built into the brush chirps every twenty seconds to remind you to change areas and not over-stimulate one area of your face, which is a problem that those trying to deep clean can fall into easily.

Overall, this is an excellent brush designed to cleanse thoroughly, which has the intended side-effect of reducing your facial oil levels.


  • Sonic-Cleaning is Gentle
  • Bristles Designed for Deep Cleaning
  • Egg-Shape is Easy to Hold and Press
  • Smart Timer Reminds User to Change Position
  • 3 Intensity Settings


  • No Softer Brush Heads or Options for more Sensitive Skin

Liberex Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush – Check Current Prices On Amazon

4. Olay Prox Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush System – for Mature Skin

Olay Prox Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush System

Mature skin is one of the skin types that can most benefit from facial cleansing routines. However, instead of recommending a generic, all-purpose brush, our pick for mature skin is the Olay ProX Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush System. The main reason for this is the additional cleanser cream that comes with the purchase and which assists in rejuvenating aging skin.

Let’s start with the brush. It’s a plain white color, which makes it gender-neutral and a good choice for both male or female users. Men, in particular, are sometimes uncomfortable using beauty products that are good for their health. This brush is simply-designed with a wide handle and a similarly-wide brush head, allowing large swaths of skin to be cleansed at once.

The Olay ProX is programmed with two speed settings for higher or lower intensities. This allows the choice between harder cleaning or more sensitive massaging, depending on the user. This is valuable because those with aging skin could desire either, as aging skin can become wrinkled and coarse or require more gentle treatment with age.

The best part of this brush for mature skin is the anti-aging, exfoliating renewal cleanser. This cream comes with the purchase of this brush and helps reduce the birth of new wrinkles and the effects of existing ones. Mature skin often fights a losing battle while attempting to achieve youthful glow and shine; this cleanser can become a key part of one’s cleaning routine.

The cleanser needs to be repurchased as it runs out, but the truth of the matter is that aging skin requires assistance that younger skin simply doesn’t. The exfoliating brush, when combined with an assistive cleanser cream like this, can rejuvenate and recolor the skin with greater success than any brush by itself could accomplish. This combination makes the Olay ProX a better pick for mature skin than any other brush alone.


  • Anti-Aging Cleanser Renewal Cream
  • 2 Intensity Settings
  • Water-Resistant for Use in Shower
  • Wide Handle for Easy Control


  • Renewal Cream is Continuous Cost
  • No Extra Brush Heads

Olay Prox Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush System – Check Current Prices On Amazon

5. 3-in-1 Electric Rotating Facial Cleansing Brush – for Acne

3-in-1 Electric Rotating Facial Cleansing Brush

Acne, like oil, primarily comes from high concentrations of dirt or grime in the pores of one’s skin. In addition, it’s often caused by hormone imbalances like those commonly experienced by teenagers. So, to solve this problem, our pick for the best brush to combat acne is one with multiple brush heads for a complete, thorough cleansing routine that doesn’t allow extra oil or dirt to remain in the pores.

This brush comes with 3 brushes that cleanse with sonic vibrations which gently remove dirt and dead skin. It then massages the face to recolor it with a healthy glow. There’s a cleansing brush, which is good for removing oil and digging deep into the pores, a skin refreshing brush primarily for exfoliation, and a sponge brush that’s ideal for sensitive skin or for use at the end of the cleaning routine.

You see, the way to beat acne is to use the brushes in combination to cleanse the skin as completely as possible. This reduces the risk of acne breakouts by removing oil and other debris. In addition, the brush comes with two different speed settings for those with higher or lower discomfort thresholds.

The charge time is quick and the brush is water-resistant; use in the shower is recommended for combating acne, as the pores open up and allow for better deep-cleaning. It charges via USB cables, allowing one to easily take the brush with them and never have to skip a day’s cleansing.

Teenagers, or anyone with acne, will want to consider this brush because of all these above factors. The water-resistance, the ease-of-travel with the brush, and the multiple brush heads all combine to make a consistent brush that you can use anywhere. The key to getting rid of acne is consistence cleansing, so having a brush that makes all of that easy and dependable is a big perk.


  • 2 Speed Settings
  • 3 Brush Heads for Cleaning, Exfoliating, and Massaging
  • USB-Rechargeable
  • Water-Resistant for Use in Shower


  • Cleansing Brush Head Bristles Tough on Sensitive Skin

3-in-1 Electric Rotating Facial Cleansing Brush – Check Current Prices On Amazon

6. Foreo Luna Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush – for Removing Makeup

Foreo Luna Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush

FOREO again makes our list of the best facial cleansing brushes with the Luna Mini 2. This is our pick for people who are looking for an easier time removing your makeup due to its small size and gentle operation.

The biggest feature of the Luna Mini 2 is its compact shape. Removing makeup can be a tricky, precise thing, especially around the eyes, which are even more sensitive than the skin on other areas of the face. The FOREO Luna Mini 2’s small size allows you to carefully wipe or scrub away makeup without having to jam an awkward brush with a long handle near your eyes.

In addition, the silicone touchpoints offered by the FOREO Luna 2 we discussed during our look at the previous FOREO brush are back. The Luna Mini 2 is also extremely gentle as it vibrates along your skin. The sonic motors have eight different intensities, just as before, allowing you to fine-tune the kind of pressure that’s best for removing your makeup.

The precise functionality and gentleness to the face are huge boons when it comes to ensuring that your makeup removal is stress-free and easier to accomplish than if you used your fingers. Add to that a USB cable for charging and you’ve got a great product that fits this niche very well. What’s great about this product is that it’s the best we could find for removing makeup but that it’s also an effective facial cleansing brush.

In fact, once the makeup is removed, feel free to use this great brush for an actual cleansing session. It offers quick, 1-minute routines to clean, exfoliate, and rejuvenate your face. This could feel great after having packed a night’s worth of makeup into your pores.


  • Small Size Ideal for Operation Around Eyes or Face
  • Gentle Sonic Vibrations for Sensitive Skin
  • USB-Rechargeable
  • 1-Minute Sessions
  • 8 Intensity Settings


  • Not Good for Deep-Cleaning

Foreo Luna Mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush – Check Current Prices On Amazon

7. Solo Mio for Him Facial Cleansing Brush – for Men

Solo Mio for Him Facial Cleansing Brush

Let’s face it. Oftentimes men disregard their health or the appearance of their skin because they avoid “feminine” looking products. A lot of facial cleansing brushes are pink or similarly-shaded, to be fair. To solve this, our pick for a men’s facial cleansing brush is the SOLO Mio for Him.

You can immediately see the attraction. It’s a dark, masculine color without a bunch of frilly attachments that threaten the ego. Instead, it’s a simple, compact brush that fits in the hand and offers an easy, healthy cleanse for the skin on his face.

He might not realize it, but the SOLO Mio for Him is one of the gentlest facial cleansers out there. It uses the same silicone that the FOREO Lunas do, so the sensation when he presses the brush to his face will be gentle and consistent. The SOLO Mio uses sonic vibrations to clean, exfoliate, and massage the skin of the face. It’s USB-rechargeable and lasts for months on one charge; this functionality is likely to appeal to a man with an eye for practical, well-working tools.

The brush’s two sides are distinct, and each has a different function: one side is for cleaning and the other for massaging. This keeps the brush simple but effective. It’s waterproof and durable so he can take it with him wherever his job needs him to go and still maintain great skin. In addition, the SOLO Mio is great for cleaning the skin and opening the pores before a shave, helping to keep one’s shave very close and resulting in skin smoother than before. This added benefit could be a valuable addition to any man’s morning routine.


  • Dark, Masculine Color for Appealing to Any Man
  • Dual Sides for Cleaning or Massaging
  • Silicone Surface Ensures Gentle Cleansing
  • USB-Rechargeable


  • Not Many Settings to Choose From

Solo Mio for Him Facial Cleansing Brush – Check Current Prices On Amazon

8. Foreo Luna Play Plus Facial Cleansing Brush – for Traveler

Foreo Luna Play Plus Facial Cleansing Brush

FOREO’s last offering on our list is our pick for any travelers out there who think they have to leave their brushes behind while they’re on the move. Not so with the FOREO Luna Play Plus Facial Cleansing Brush.

Why does it get our pick? For starters, its small size and short, 1-minute routines are ideal for using this brush while on the go or while in a hotel. It’s smaller than the Luna Mini we reviewed earlier but has the same great ergonomic shape that’s ideal for a hand-held brush lacking a handle.

You could even use this brush in a car or on a train; it can easily fit into a purse or bag, be whipped out when you’ve got a spare moment, and used for a cleanse in just minutes. It’s charged via disposable batteries, which is a con elsewhere but a perk here. Not having to drag a cable everywhere you go is great for traveling, hiking, camping, or boating.

The Luna Play Plus is made with the same gentle silicone we’ve already covered, but it’s just as nice to experience with this brush, and of course, it cleanses with sonic vibrations to ensure that the effect on your skin is gentle and unlikely to irritate. It’s waterproof for use in the shower or bath of any hotel, or while camping near a lake or river. The versatility offered to a traveler is exceptional.

Overall, the tiny size and the ability to easily take this anywhere without any packing required for cables or chargers, and no requirement to find a power source, cements it as a great traveler’s facial cleansing brush. The fact that it’s of the well-reviewed, well-designed FOREO Luna line means it’s a great brush even disregarding the traveler-friendly features.


  • Smallest Brush Size Found
  • Easy, 1-Minute Routine
  • Silicone Surface
  • Gentle Sonic Vibrations
  • Waterproof
  • Disposable Battery-Powered


  • No Variable Settings

Foreo Luna Play Plus Facial Cleansing Brush – Check Current Prices On Amazon

9. Etereauty Facial Cleansing Brush – Budget Friendly

Etereauty Facial Cleansing Brush

Those who are more budget-conscious might think that quality facial cleansing brushes are always expensive, but this is not necessarily true. The ETEREAUTY Facial Cleansing Brush offers great value for an unbeatable price, currently beneath $30 at the time of this writing.

Besides price, the main attraction of the ETEREAUTY Brush is the five brush heads that come with the purchase. These five brushes can cover virtually any cleansing or massaging need you can think of. The brush heads are designed for polishing or removing tough skin, gentle cleaning of pores, exfoliation, callus removal from hands or feet, or for general cleaning thanks to a fifth, all-use brush.

This value can’t be underestimated. With this very-affordable brush, you can follow a complete cleansing routine from start to finish, using the tougher or all-purpose brush head to begin with a deep cleansing of the pores, then follow with the exfoliation brush head. Finally, the gentle brush head can be used to massage the skin and complete the entire routine.

With all of those options and two speed settings, almost every imaginable kind of cleansing routine can be accomplished. The brush is battery-powered and is also waterproof; this is a really good feature, especially for a budget-friendly device, since use in the shower is always recommended for anyone wanting to cleanse their pores thoroughly.

The ETEREAUTY Cleansing Brush is a bargain for all the versatility and value it offers. Those who are on a strict budget but who don’t want to sacrifice their options would do well to check this brush out.


  • Five Variable Brush Heads for Different Uses
  • 2 Speed Settings
  • Waterproof
  • Less than $30 (at time of writing)


  • Disposable Battery-Powered

Etereauty Facial Cleansing Brush – Check Current Prices On Amazon

10. Lavo Facial Cleansing Brush – for a Deep Cleanse

Lavo Facial Cleansing Brush

We’ve already examined several brushes which are ideal for deep-cleansing or for getting rid of the ingredients that promote acne or facial oil. What makes this brush best for deep cleansing, overall?

The key is the LAVO Facial Cleansing Brush’s shape and handle. You see, this brush has a number of excellent features that we’ve seen in other brushes that make it competitive. These include two speed settings, water-resistance, and two brush heads for different uses.

But the handle is the important part. Deep cleaning isn’t just great for the face. In fact, many with this kind of brush might want to tackle other oily, acne-ridden parts of the body like the neck, shoulders, or chest. All of these are areas that could easily use the same treatment as the face.

This brush’s handle allows for cleaning across the whole body and the face. Its brush heads are still designed to clean as gently as possible while cleansing the face – in fact, its brush heads are made with DuPont brush fibers to keep the experience gentle at all times – but you can use this brush anywhere you want your pores to be cleaned thoroughly. It’s the ultimate deep-cleanse tool.

The DuPont brush head fibers previously mentioned are very soft but maintain rigidity; this is important for deep-cleanse brushes as you really need to dig into the pores and remove all the dirt you can. The water-resistant design lets you use this brush in the shower, another critical quality for this niche. As previously stated, hot water allows the pores to open wider and the cleanse to be more effective.

This brush runs on disposable batteries and gives great results when the goal is a good, thorough scrubbing. The fact that it’s extendable to other areas of the body give it the leg up over the Olay ProX, which has an anti-aging cream that’s not necessary here, and the Liberex, whose egg shape isn’t ideal for cleaning anywhere but the face.

However, take note! You do not want to use the same brush head on multiple areas of the body without cleaning it first. If you move from face to body without cleaning the brush head, you might spread bacteria that can cause your skin to become oily again. We’ll go into this advice in more detail shortly.


  • Water-Resistant
  • DuPont Brush Head Fibers Allow Gentle but Deep Cleaning
  • 2 Speed Settings


  • Disposable Battery-Powered
  • Lack of Extra Features

Lavo Facial Cleansing Brush – Check Current Prices On Amazon

How to Use Your Facial Cleansing Brush Correctly

Now that we’ve examined the best facial cleansing brushes, you need to make sure that you actually use whichever is right for you correctly. There’s more to properly utilizing a facial cleansing brush than simply turning it on and scrubbing away with abandon.

Choose the Right Head

Facial Cleansing Brush Head

First off, make sure that you pick the right brush head for your purposes. Many cleansing brushes come with at least two, and you don’t have to stick with just one for an entire session. Instead, recognize that they are intended for different, sometimes specific, uses.

For instance, brush heads with bristles that are rigid or short are most often intended to be used for deep-cleansing or clearing out pores and oil. These are great for the start of a cleansing routine and can help to open the pores for the rest of the session.

Brush heads that have gentler bristles or silicone surfaces are best used for the exfoliating or massaging portions of a routine. These can help restore color to the skin or remove dead skin that piles up over a few days.

There are also more unique brush heads out there that come with some of the models we reviewed above, or which can be purchased separately. One of the possible, more niche variations on the standard facial cleansing brush head is the massager head. As the name suggests, massager heads are used to carefully massage the skin and coax fresh blood to the surface. These kinds of heads are ideal for those wanting to make their skin glow or appear more youthful.

Choose the Right Setting

Many cleansing brushes also come with settings or intensities that control how fast the brush moves when you press it to your skin. Make sure you choose the right setting, either for whatever section of the routine you’re on or for your own personal preference.

Some might have skin that’s more sensitive than others. There’s nothing wrong with running a cleansing brush on a lower setting if that’s what makes you comfortable, even for deep-cleansing sessions when the goal is to clear out the pores. The point of these settings is to make sure that the experience is effective but never uncomfortable.

Use in Hot Water for Deep Cleanse

Washing Face With Hot Water

When trying to clear out pores to combat acne and oil, it’s imperative that you perform your cleansing when the skin has been in contact with hot water. Hot water causes the pores to open up and makes cleaning much more thorough and complete. This is essential for any deep-cleanse, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the shower.

Instead, if you have a brush that isn’t water-resistant, taking a hot rag to the face beforehand can accomplish the same goal. This allows you to use a regular cleansing brush which is not water-resistant and still clear out your pores effectively.

Cleanse at the Correct Frequency

Most facial cleansing brushes are intended to be used once or twice per day. Some of the Luna series recommend two sessions, once in the morning and once in the evening, but regardless it is important that you understand how often your particular facial cleansing brush is intended to be used.

Over-scrubbing can irritate the skin or, at worst, can cause acne or oil outbreaks as the skin layer is degraded and scrubbed away. This can cause damage or discomfort and can have the opposite of the intended effect of the facial cleansing routine in the first place. Take care to only perform the recommended amount of routines per day or week, even if you want results quickly.

Add a Cleanser or Renewal Cream

Cleanser or Renewal Cream

Finally, adding cream or cleanser to your face before performing a routine can help you get results more quickly. These products can assist with cleaning the face or with ensuring that it stays clean once dirt and dead skin have been removed. Some facial cleansing brushes come with cleansers in the box, but this is not a common scenario. In addition, certain cleansers are adept at combating signs of aging in mature skin, such as wrinkles or the leathery texture that arises as the skin naturally dries with age.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Facial Cleansing Brush

We covered some of these in our segment above, but just to be sure let’s recap the most important ways to use facial cleansing brushes effectively and safely.


Always clean the brush heads after you’re done using them and before switching them to another part of the body. Remember, these brush heads are collecting dirt and bacteria from deep in your skin’s pores, even if they’re just massaging. Keeping the brush heads clean between uses prevents you from rubbing old dirt back into your pores. Use antibacterial soap and hot water and leave cleaned brush heads out to air dry to prevent small particles from a towel from sticking to their bristles or surfaces.

Always listen to your skin. If it’s uncomfortable at higher speed settings or with tougher brushes, use a more sensitive brush head or lower the setting. Your skin should not be hurting when you perform a facial cleanse. This is meant to be an enjoyable experience, so don’t be afraid to act on your preferences despite what anyone else may recommend.

Always buy replacement brush heads if your old ones are fraying and no longer work. Using old brush heads wastes time and can spread dirt or bacteria around instead of cleaning it away.

Always remove your makeup first. Don’t perform a deep cleanse without first removing all of the foundation or makeup that can accumulate after a night out. Instead, take the time and get rid of that surface stuff first before you clean the pores more deeply.

Use a moisturizer if you have one you like. This can help your skin feel even better after a thorough clean and leave your face looking even better than before, since the moisturizer can penetrate more deeply into your skin.


Never share your brush heads! The reasons for this are similar to those for never switching bodily areas without washing. Your body has a unique bacterial biome on its surface that people who share your brush head might react negatively to. While you can use the same brush handle, the brush heads should always be fresh and/or specific to each individual.

Never cleanse more than is recommended. You might irritate your skin or cause damage instead of just dead cells or dirt and oil, since cleansing, in general, can be an intense process for the skin on your face to tolerate.

Never exfoliate more than once or twice a week. It’s natural and normal for dead skin to accumulate over time, and timed exfoliations are a great way to assist your skin with its natural processes as it creates new skin to fill the void left by the dead cells. But if you over-exfoliate, you risk removing that fresh, young skin and causing irritation to your face. What’s worse is that you might cause oil or acne breakouts in the process as your skin tries to compensate. Moderation is the key, here.

Never go over an area too many times when you’re brushing. It might be tempting to scrub for a long time over a particularly acne-ridden area, but you’ll just harm the skin if you irritate it too much. Instead, take your time and do a complete cleanse of your entire face, then perform the same ritual again the next day. Over time, you’ll see great results.

Finally, never use a brush head on multiple parts of the body without cleaning it first. This can spread oils, bacteria and other harmful substances which you then might have to clean out of those pores, too. Instead, make sure to clean the brush head each time you intend to switch its active area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Use a Facial Cleansing Brush?

Facial Cleansing Brush Using Rules

This depends both on the brush and on your skin type.

People with oily skin or moist skin can get away with using facial cleansing brushes much more often than people who do not. People with oily or moist skin can cleanse once or twice a day depending on the type of brush heads they use. In general, even if you can cleanse twice a day, deep-cleansing with short, rigid bristles should only occur once per day to avoid excessive irritation of the skin.

Those with dry or aging skin should only use facial cleansing brushes once or twice a week. The reason for this is that dry skin can be sloughed off much more easily than moist or young skin, so excessive brushing could cause unintended damage or irritation. Special attention should be paid to one’s skin; if discomfort is experienced, there’s nothing wrong with waiting a few days in between cleansing sessions.

As previously mentioned, exfoliation should only be performed once or twice a week instead of once or twice a day. This is because it’s healthy for a certain amount of dead skin to accumulate before it’s removed from the face.

Can I Use a Facial Cleansing Brush While Showering?

Yes! In fact, this is one of the best places to use a facial cleansing brush if you’re trying to clean deep into your pores. Hot water opens the pores of your skin, so getting dirt or oil out from the deepest parts of your pores is much easier if you do this while in the shower.

Check to make sure that your facial cleansing brush is water-resistant, however. Not all brushes are, and like many electronics, they can quickly stop working if exposed to water without the requisite protection. In general, most facial cleansing brushes are water-resistant, if not waterproof.

Can I Apply Exfoliator Cream When Using a Facial Cleansing Brush?

Avoiding Cause of Exfoliator Cream

You can, but it’s not recommended. Most facial cleansing brushes exfoliate whether or not you’re actively using an exfoliating brush head; the exfoliating brush head makes exfoliation easier, but any brush will exfoliate to some degree. Combining an exfoliating cream and a brush can over-exfoliate your skin, causing irritation or damage to your face.

Instead, you should pick between one or the other and avoid using both at the same time, even if you have very flaky dry skin. In fact, dry skin is at a higher risk for over-exfoliation.

However, using a more general cleanser or cream with a brush is a good idea and can improve your results. Some of the manufacturers of facial cleansing brushes offer complementary cleaners or creams that work well with their products.

How Do You Clean a Facial Cleansing Brush?

You need to wash it thoroughly with hot water and antibacterial soap. Your fingers or another brush are perfectly adequate for scrubbing between the bristles or along the surface. Once the washing is complete, allow the brush head to air dry to avoid contaminating it with anything on a towel. The brush handle can be cleaned in the same way, although models without water-resistance should be cleaned more carefully.

How Often Should I Change the Heads of a Facial Brush?

Changing Heads of a Facial Brush

You should change your brush heads at least every three months and earlier if they start to visibly degrade and give a weaker performance. Brush heads that aren’t working properly are wasting your time and possible spreading bacteria and oil around your face, so maintaining good brush heads is a top priority. Most facial cleansing brushes use brush heads that are developed by their chief manufacturer, so contacting them or checking the same store from which you purchased the original model is a smart way to get replacement brush heads. You cannot usually interchange brush heads between different models of a facial cleansing brush.

Final Thoughts

Facial cleansing brushes are excellent tools that will give you cleaner, brighter and healthier skin than you’ve ever experienced before. The great thing about them is their inclusivity; it doesn’t matter if you have dry, oily, or wrinkly skin. Facial cleansing brushes will help you regardless of your personal skin care type and age. Facial cleansing brushes should be used and enjoyed by everyone and we hope we’ve convinced you to give one of these great brushes a try! Here’s to healthy skin for all!

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